Not the best tutorial I have ever seen on this topic. First, you want a FILLET knife. The hatchet that guy is using works, but if you are cleaning fish repetitively, get the right tool for the job. If you like cool knives, get one like mine here. Also pick up this bad boy while you’re at it.

The fillet knife needs to be flexible, not rigid and strong. Sharp and flexible. A good flexible blade lets you feel the bones easily. A thinner blade lets you use a little finesse.

The overall technique is good, but I see a couple of critical errors.

0:24 – you don’t need to gut your fish. If its live, fillet it without gutting. If its dead it prolly should have been gutten already. If you want to use the remainder for stock, gut later. If you bought it at the market its probably gutted and clean. You do not want to rupture the intestines which you can do gutting. Don’t do it filleting either. The bile is gross and makes the meat spoiled, IMO.

1:27 Uhm, yeah, do that only if your health insurance is paid. That guy is going to cut his thumb off. You make the cut that he makes at 0:32 and holding onto the head with your left hand turn the knife to the tail. I like to make the cut that he makes at 0:32, separate the majority of the fillet from the back/spine and come back and cut from the incision made at 0:32 toward the tail with my left hand holding the head. Seriously, that is a serious cut he’s making at 1:27 towards his hand and he is going fuck up some day and slice himself. Also, if you do it my way with a proper fillet knife, you leave the ribs on the carcass.

In summary, wrong knife, good overall technique, but be careful not to cut your thumb off. Maybe I’ll shoot a video when I’m at the lake this summer, cause this is some low rent instruction. But there are several videos with good technique on youtube.

Also, if you have a fillet knife, a good one, you can easily skin the fillet if you desire. We like to batter and fry or batter and bake fillets, making skin removal a requirement.

Lifehacker – How to Filet a Fish Like a Pro – How To

We asked a chef to show us how to filet a fish, and we filmed it for good measure.

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